I have invited 5 of you! (Kenny has his invite if he’d ever get on) This campaign will be strongly story oriented- Rewards will be given for good roleplay as well as good story progression! The bonus will be given in “Luck”
Poor luck, actions out of character, and/or any actions to slow up progression of the game will be penalized as “Unluck”
LUCK – This will represent your characters luck! Any d20 roll may have Luck points spent with the roll. For each point of luck you spend you roll an additional d20 and you will take the highest

Unluck – I will use this to FUCK you; Unluck will be used to make you automatically fail or fumble a d20 roll!!!

You will make characters with 15 point buy!
Level 1
The max level of the game is 10; However there will be an “Alternate Progression”- This will be explained when it is reached!

What all of you need to do is text me you character concept and 1 NPC that will aid in your story/character story line! No details of the NPC should be given as far as race and stats…Example: I am a human peasant striving to become a knight, I will be a 1st lvl human fighter to start, My npc will be my character’s mother who is there and supportive. Or I will be a mad summoner, 1st level Conjurer and my NPC is my mentor who teaches me everything I know!


Sacraments of Syphtu Arkrune