Gods and Goddesses in Cedia actually have two alignments. All gods are True Neutral; Gods and Goddess have no need for pity mortal emotions nor do they need to aspire to a role such as Chaos, Law, Good, and Evil…They are far above that. However the second alignment are the edicts of the gods being followed and these edicts are written by mortals, thus giving a god a base persona and alignment in which most their followers adhere to.

Greater Diety
Alignment: TN / TN
Portfolio and Domains: Air, Water, Earth Fire, Animal, Plant, Sun, Weather
Symbol: A Great Tree, Limbs and roots knotted in a circle
Est in statera de Cedia “Such is the balance of Cedia”
Naturae ira; natura pacem; natura Voluntas “Nature’s Wrath; Nature’s Peace; Nature’s Will”
Dogma: Most followers of Alitura keep peace and balance. They revere all things natural and hold a disdain for all things unnatural.

Greater Goddess
Alignment: TN / LG
Portfolio and Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Love, Community, Protection, Strength, Dream, Pleasure, Nobility.
Symbol: A red heart blooming into a golden rose
Dominae pacis tríbuat valetudinem bonam “Our lady of peace; grant us good health and strength”
Domina tueri nos ut somnum et nobis dulcis somnia “Our Lady protect us as we sleep and grant us sweet dreams”
Domina ordinavit ita! “Our Lady has ordained it so!”
Dogma: Most of the populous follows and reveres the Great Lady Adoria. She has simple morale edicts to live by; However her “Edictum Adoria” (Holy Text) followed by Paladin, certain warriors and priest are strict!

Greater God
Alignment: TN / CE
Portfolio and Domains: Murder, Death, Evil, Destruction, Chaos, War Darkness, Fear, Madness
Symbol: A black skull, with the cheek and blade of a great axe protruding from the sides, all covered in crimson spatter.
Mörker och död drabbar mina fiender! “Darkness and Death befall my enemies!”
Från ljust till grått och grått till svart, Som förnuft till vansinne! “From pale to grey and grey to black; Like sanity to madness!”
Ge dem Död! “Grant them Death”
Dogma: Most of Caedo’s followers are cultist and his dogma is a close and carefully guarded secret known only by its clerics.

Greater Goddess
Alignment: TN / NE
Portfolio and Domains: Lust, Death, Undeath, Magic, Trickery, Void, Luck, Nightmare
Symbol: A white mask; One red tear falls from each eye, laid over a silver star
All of Nocna-Mora’s prayers are done in silence.
Dogma: Most of her followers guard Nocna-Mora’s dogma and its’ secrets.


Sacraments of Syphtu Ruam