Sacraments of Syphtu

Luck for Luca!

Luca is granted 1 Point of Luck for Posting his character!!!!

One more point of Luck to hand out! Who will get it!? Jeremy, Kenny, or Sam!?

Luck Awards!

Jason and Tasha both will begin play with 1 Point of Luck! Thank you for getting your characters in; In a timely manner!

The Heraldry

I got some markers, metallic markers and color pencils. I will be drawing out the Heraldry of the Kingdoms and Guilds! I also picked up a scanner and will be scanning the heraldry to Obsidian Portal so you will all get to see what each kingdom and/or guild looks like! =D

A few Prestige Postings
A few Prestige Postings

I posted a few of the prestige classes! I hope you guys enjoy. I will post the rest upon seeing further interest!

NPC Details & Marks

I am only going to post NPCs as or how you guys would know them! Example: Jason’s character is from The Frozen Falls of Arlon, This is why I posted the Royal family!

Marks lined out have already been selected! After you pick a mark; tell myself or jason as soon as possible! Thanks

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